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Automation is on everyone’s mind as machines and software get better and smarter. Business process automation is an easy starting point to build a culture of automation.

Business Process Automation – Guide

Depending on your requirements and unique processes, the term ‘business process automation’ can mean different things. Here’s everything you need to know about business process automation, right from identifying goals to implementing process automation and measuring its effectiveness.

What Is Business Process Automation?

Business process automation (BPA) is a speciality within business process management (BPM) that focuses on how to use automation as a part of regular processes.

Business process automation reduces manual tasks in processes. These include forwarding and transferring data, sending notifications, and extracting information from databases.

BPA looks at the entire process and identifies where automation helps things move faster, reduces errors, and delivers results.

Process Automation in Businesses

Business process automation identifies parts of processes better handled by systems and machines. Data processing, transferring, notifications, and other tasks can be done through automation. Because of this, staff are free to work on tasks that actually require their skillsets.

The difference between manual and automated tasks is enormous!

Learn how manual tasks can be streamlined to happen automatically. No more manual data inputting and processing. No more unnecessary hassles.

Options for Implementing Business Process Automation

There are three ways for your company to embrace business automation for your processes. Each one has its advantages depending on your business process automation needs.

Expand Your IT Strength

Custom solutions are great if you are dependent on legacy applications that don’t link to other systems easily. Expanding your IT team lets you build a solution tailored to your needs.

Homegrown Hot-Wiring

You can use hacks, scripts, and tiny applications to provide automation solutions here and there. If you need business automation in a few places, this is a good solution. The advantage here is that it’s cheaper than building your own system.

A Dedicated BPA Tool

Dedicated BPA tools let you use automation easily. Options like KiSSFLOW are easy to use even without prior knowledge. They can be used on all processes, letting you house all your automation on a single platform.

Benefits of Business Process Automation

The benefits of business process automation are substantial. Every industry and department can find significant advantages from applying business automation.

Better Visibility

In complex processes, you can find items and see where they’re held up

Unbridled Efficiency

From reminders to forms, automation makes things go faster

Enhanced Scalability

BPA lets you scale a single process as you need it without limitations

Eliminate Errors

Business automation eliminates human-caused manual errors

Powerful Business Insights

The best BPA tools have reporting and analytics to destroy bottlenecks

Reduced Cost

By reducing errors and improving speed, you can save a lot of money

Checklist to Pick the Right Process Automation Tool

To select the best business automation tool for your company, ask the right questions:

User-friendly interface?

Cloud-based? Fits your budget?

Integrates with your core software?

Native mobile apps?

Reporting and analytics?

KiSSFLOW, Designed for Humans

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Ready to Automate Your Business Processes?

With business process automation, there’s no need to perform tasks manually. Automate and watch your business kick itself into gear. Are you ready?